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Culture in Ferozepur

As Ferozepur is a part of Punjab, its culture is a blend of various traditions, customs and practices of the people of Punjab. The culture of Ferozepur fascinates people by different elements like folklore and music, dance traditions, kissa and numerous harvest and seasonal festivals along with the Indian religious ones. Wedding ceremonies of the region strongly reflect the culture. These ceremonies are well known for rich rituals, food, dresses, songs and dances.

Dance and Dance Schools in Ferozepur


The famous folk dance of Punjabis in this region is the Bhangra. It is an ancient form of music and dance generally performed by the farmers while celebrating the season of harvest. The specific dance moves reflect the style in which the villagers farmed their fields. This type of hybrid dance is still prominent today in different styles and forms all over the world. Several cultural shows and competitions on Bhangra are held in different colleges of Ferozepur. Today, modern Bhangra includes rap and pop music. Other well known dances include Dhola, Sammi, Dhamaal and Giddha. With the popularity of western dance styles, several dance schools and dance workshops have been opened in Ferozepur. Rocking Dance Style Villa is a reputed dance school where various forms of dance like hip hop, latin style, bollywood style, folk dance and ball dance are taught to dancers.

Folklore in Ferozepur

The people are very fond of folklore. These folk songs, ballads and epics are usually composed and sung in the local dialects of Punjabi language. These dialects are Pwadhi and Malwai. Apart from these, folk songs are also sung in Doabi and Majhi. These songs are common in weddings and special occasions.

Music and Music Academy in Ferozepur

The people of Ferozepur love music. They sing religious songs like Shalooks in devotion to Sikh gurus and Baba Farid. Some famous styles of music that are popular in Ferozepur are Kafis, Lohris, Hamds, Dohas, Sehra, Baits and Jugni. Apart from these, people love to sing and hear famous romantic songs like Mayhiah, Boliyan and Dhola. There are several music academies in the city. The most famous of them all is the Swan Sangam Sangeet.

Drama and Theater in Ferozepur

The locals love drama and plays. Most of the dramas are based on popular folk tales like Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiban, Sohni Mahiwal and Sassi Punnun. Other than these, people enjoy plays on Dulla Bhatti, Jeona Maud and Puran Baghat.

Festivals in Ferozepur


Apart from celebrating the religious festivals of India, people also celebrate seasonal festivals like Baisakhi, Lohri, Basant Panchmi and Teez. Much zeal and enthusiasm is observed among the people of Ferozepur during such occasions. They wear new clothes in vibrant colors and enjoy rich food. Besides, they also visit the gurudwara and take part in kirtans and processions.

Art and Craft in Ferozepur

The local people of Ferozepur have preserved their traditional art and craft in the form of handicrafts. Phulkari work on chunnis is famous in Ferozepur. Craft melas are held every year to display these handicrafts made in jute and terracotta.

Fairs and Exhibitions in Ferozepur

Various types of fairs are held in Ferozepur. Trade fairs are organized every year where all types of products are displayed like garments, coir products, household appliances and kitchen appliances, processed food and beverages, drugs and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health care products. There are auto exhibitions that display cars manufactured by various companies like Maruti Udyog, Ford, Honda and many others. The other types of fairs held are book fairs and painting exhibitions.

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