Business and Economy in Ferozepur

The city of Ferozepur has a developing economy. Like other towns and cities, it has all the amenities that are essential for all round economic development. There are three major sectors that have widely contributed to the progress of trade and commerce of the city. These sectors are agriculture, trade and exports, and tourism. Revenue is mainly generated by export of agricultural items. As the city is located very close to the Indo- Pakistan Border, less commercial progress is seen here.

There are very less industries. However, the government of Punjab has taken several measures to develop the industrial and commercial potential in the city. PUDA or the Punjab Urban Development Authority is playing a key role in improving the infrastructure and increasing urbanization in Ferozepur. Several projects on construction of roads and bridges, maintenance of roads and street lighting, building of residential sectors are being implemented in the city.

Economic Growth of Ferozepur

Sectors which gave Ferozepur Economy a Boost

Business has developed in on the following areas in Ferozepur:


The economy of Ferozepur is mainly based on agriculture. As the city is a part of the Plain of Punjab, the soil found here is rich in alluvial deposits. This alluvium soil of Pleistocene age makes the region best suited for agriculture. As a major portion of the population of Ferozepur is rural, agriculture has become the prime occupation of the people. A wide variety of crops are cultivated in this region. Some of them are wheat, maize, paddy, cotton, arbi and vegetables. Various kinds of paddy are grown in abundance during the kharif season. The soil produces high yield of wheat per hectare. The farmers reap 2-3 crops annually. Other major crops cultivated here are potato, tomato, onion, capsicum and mustard. Rice and wheat are the main crops that are exported to other countries.

Industries in Ferozepur

There are very few industries seen in Ferozepur. The major industries prevalent here are the agro based ones like rice mills and cotton industries. Besides these, some cottage and small scale industries like leather tanning, pottery and handloom weaving are also seen here.

Major Industries in Ferozepur are:
Laxmi Industries
Pawan & Company
Sohna Industries
M/S. Dpd Industries Ltd.
M L Rice Mills

Agro industries dealing with agriculture related items like fertilizers are as follows:
Shanti Agro Industries
Maini Trading Company
Laxmi Trading Company
Nitin Agro Aid Centre 

Major Travel Agenciesin Ferozepur are:
Rashpal Tour & Travels
Dhillon Tour & Travels
Nishan Tour & Travels
Dhanju Travels

Packers and Movers in Ferozepur are:
DHL Logistics Pvt Ltd
New Ekta Transport Company

Placement Consultancies in Ferozepur:
B P Incorporate

Accounting Consultants in Ferozepur are:
Unique Consultants
Accounting Solutions
Singhland Investments Limited

Call Centers in Ferozepur
Some telecom companies that have their customer care centres in the city are Airtel, Vodaphone, BSNL and many others.

Infrastructure Companies in Ferozepur are:
Kim Infrastructure and Developers Limited
NGHI Developers India Limited
Karan Builders
Khara Brothers

Apart from all the major companies and industries, there are several financial institutions and broking firms like Karvy Stock Broking Limited and SBI Capital Securities. The government of Punjab has invested a lot in developing the industrial sector. Special financial benefits and easy loan facility is given to small scale industrial units, cottage industries and also sick units.

With the economy gradually developing, better times await the people of the city.
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