Geography of Ferozepur

Ferozepur is an ancient city in Punjab. Founded by a Muslim ruler named Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluq, it is regarded as a historic place where great freedom fighters had laid down their lives. It is also known as Shaheedon ki dharti or the land of martyrs. The city is the headquarters of the Northern Corps brigade of the Indian Army and is well connected to other places like Jalandhar, Amritsar, Delhi, Ludhiana and Chandigarh by both rail and road. It is also a sub division and a development block of Ferozepur District.

Physical Location of Ferozepur

Physical Location of Ferozepur

The city of Ferozepur is regarded as a border town as it is located on the Indo-Pakistan border. It lies in the Ferozepur district of Punjab. The city is located on the south-western side of Amritsar. The distance between Ferozepur and Amritsar is only 109 kms. Taran Taran lies on the northern side of the city while Ludhiana lies on the eastern side. Kasur and Lahore lie on the west of Ferozepur across the International Border at Hussainiwala/Ganda Singh Wala. Ferozepur is located on the southern banks of the Sutlej River. It is the main river of the region.

Latitude of Ferozepur city: 30 degrees, 55.1 minutes North
Longitude of Ferozepur city: 74 degrees, 37.0 minutes East
Elevation: 597 feet

Topography of Ferozepur

The region has an even topography. As the city is a part of the Plain of Punjab, the soil found here is rich in alluvial deposits. This alluvium soil is chestnut brown in color and belongs to the Pleistocene age. It makes the region best suited for agriculture especially for the cultivation of wheat and rice.

Natural Resources in Ferozepur

Ferozepur has scanty vegetation. Less flora and fauna can be seen in the city. As water resources are less in this region, the government of Punjab has taken several measures to develop more water resources especially for agriculture. Several canals and reservoirs are being constructed in Ferozepur.

Climate in Ferozepur

The climate in Ferozepur is generally dry throughout the year. It comprises very hot summers with short rainy season and very cold winters. Summers are very hot and exhausting. The hot season commences from early March and lasts till the end of June. The city experiences high temperatures during the daytime. Sometimes the maximum temperature is about 47°C especially in the month of June which is regarded as the hottest month.

The rainy season is short in the city of Ferozepur. It commences from July and lasts till mid of September. Moderate rain is brought by the south-westerly monsoon winds. Heavy rainfall occurs in the months of July and August. However, there is a huge variation in rainfall every year. Some rainfall also occurs in the winter season. There is a steady decline in day temperatures in the post-monsoon period that starts from the end of September and ends in October. Winter commences from the month of November and lasts till March. Day and night temperatures start declining from October onwards till January. However, the coldest month is January when temperatures fall below the freezing point.

Demographics of Ferozepur

Total Population- 110,091
Men- 58,401
Women- 51,690
Average literacy rate- 71%
Female literacy rate- 68%,
Male literacy rate- 73%7%
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