Lifestyle in Ferozepur

The lifestyle of the people of Ferozepur has improved remarkably with time. Even though the occupants still follow their own customs and traditions, modern lifestyle is also prevalent here. With changing fashion trends, all components of modern and healthy lifestyle such as boutiques, beauty parlors, salons and gymnasiums are found in Ferozepur. 

Fitness and Weight Loss Centers in Ferozepur

Gyms in Ferozepur

As the people of the city are aware of maintaining a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, many fitness centers have opened in the city. These centers have exercise rooms with all types of fitness machines. Special certified fitness trainers are employed in these centers to guide members in different exercises that burn calories and improve muscles. They also provide guidance on different aspects of nutrition.

Weight Loss Centre in Ferozepur
Khurana Health Club and Slimming Center

Gyms in Ferozepur
Several gyms have cropped up in the city. These gyms are flooded with health conscious people during the early morning hours. All gyms have modern fitness machines and equipments like treadmills, weights and dumbles. Apart from this, they have skilled fitness instructors who help members in doing workouts properly.

Ladies Gym in Ferozepur
Lotus Gym

Gents Gym in Ferozepur
Diamond Health Club

Meditation and Yoga Center in Ferozepur

Meditation and Yoga Center

A fit body and a healthy mind are an imperative for a healthy living. Meditation is regarded as an ideal way to rejuvenate both body and soul by removing all types of stress. There are a few reputed yoga centers in Ferozepur where people of all age groups meditate and practice yoga under the supervision of yoga experts.

Meditation Center in Ferozepur
Art of Living

Beauty Parlors and Salons

Beauty salons are now regular places of visit for both men and women. All types of skin care services like facials, pedicure, waxing and threading, pedicure, and waxing, manicure and bridal makeup are provided by these beauty parlors. Certified beauticians perform special skin treatments such as skin polishing and skin firming.  Different types of hair care services like hair cutting, styling, hair color, hair massage, hair spa and other kinds of hair treatments are also provided to customers. Heavy rush of customers are seen in beauty parlors during the wedding season and festivals. Get the list here.

Boutiques in Ferozepur

There are many boutiques for the fashion conscious people. Special fashion designers are hired to design clothes.

List of Boutiques in Ferozepur:
  • Ladies Boutiques
  • Lady Line Boutique
  • Rehmat Boutique
  • Rashami Boutique
  • Tarun Boutique
  • Kashish Boutique
  • Sia Boutique
  • Styles Fashion Boutique
  • Eris Boutique

Apart from beauty parlors, there are many luxury hotels in Ferozepur that have their own beauty salons and body spas to provide good in-house services to their guests. People can enjoy refreshing body treatments like herbal massages, ayurvedic body massages and other skin care therapies in these spas.

Spas in Resorts and Hotels in Ferozepur
  • Hotel International
  • Moonlight Resort
  • Mittal Guest House

Overall, Ferozepur is fully equipped to enable the people of the city to lead a good life.

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